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What to Expect

The Sessions

  1. Designing as we want, to create the experiences that we need betterment
  2. Capitalism, The Web, And You betterment
  3. Design for Developers css creativity
  4. This Talk is Under Construction: a love letter to the personal website creativity standards
  5. Programming with Yarn creativity javascript
  6. Working towards a greener world from behind the keyboard big web ideas
  7. Digital exclusion in healthcare & how to change it accessibility big web ideas
  8. Day Disco fun javascript

Day Schedule

  1. Registration
  2. Opening remarks
  3. Designing as we want, to create the experiences that we need

    Delight. Inclusion. Awareness. Justice. Reparation. That's a lot to embed into every workflow. Are there ways that we can combine data and research to empower the people who use our products? Is there anything from critical design that can help us work differently? Let's do some design discourse and design better for the web and beyond.

    Florence Okoye (she/her) @FINOkoye on twitter

    Their origin story: always wanted to do interesting things and making them at least vaguely useful!

  4. Capitalism, The Web, And You

    In 2020, the UK government ordered schools in England not to use material from anti-capitalist writers, likening it to promoting crime or terrorism. This talk is about capitalism, the web, and what people who can create things for the web might do to help separate the two.

    Heydon Pickering (he/they) @heydonworks on twitter

    Their origin story: started making websites to share the music I was making, using images of text (because web fonts didn't exist), layout tables, and multiple embedded Flash animations... so it's just as well I never managed to work out how to publish any of them

  5. Coffee break (30 mins)
  6. Design for Developers

    If you've ever wanted to learn more about the magical secrets of UI design (trust me, they're no secret at all!), get ready for a tour of fundamental design principles, the building blocks of a successful design and how we put that all together to create something beautiful!

    Lex Lofthouse (she/her) @loftio on twitter

    Their origin story: Ever since my Dad taught me Photoshop when I was 13, I was doomed to become a designer. Almost 20 years later and I think I can say I'm somewhat ok at it, thanks Dad.

  7. This Talk is Under Construction: a love letter to the personal website

    This is a nostalgic look back at the evolution of personal websites, and a look forward to how we can recreate this magic today. It's a manifesto for building something just for the fun of it, and a call to tell your story on your own platform.

    Sophie Koonin (she/her) @type__error on twitter

    Their origin story: Something like… "GeoCities, <marquee> and NeoPets shopfronts"!

  8. Lunch break (90 mins)
  9. Programming with Yarn

    Crochet and other yarn crafts can be viewed as a form of programming. Without realising it, crocheters interpret their own patterns, thus becoming "computers". This talk explores the analogies between a craft and what we know of programming.

    Lily Madar (she/her) @lily_2point0 on twitter

    Their origin story: When first introduced to HTML, I spent hours trying to replicate a Mondrian painting out of <table>s. Then I moved to Flash for more interesting AR experiments and interactions. Before being forced into JavaScript. I never looked back.

  10. Working towards a greener world from behind the keyboard

    In what ways tech is affecting the environment & climate change? We'll discuss processes which devs can use in their work to create a greener web and implementable systematic changes within an organisation that'd make a positive impact on the world.

    Natalia Waniczek (she/her) @lil_natw on twitter

    Their origin story: My dad bought us our first computer when I was 2 which meant I was exposed to technology from a very young age. As I was growing up I was a hybrid of an athlete and a nerd. Deep down I always knew I'd end up working with tech in one way or another!.
    Note that Natalia is stepping in for Olu who has sadly had to pull out due to illness :(

  11. Ice cream break (25 minutes)
  12. Digital exclusion in healthcare & how to change it

    So you don't need to take a whole morning off for a doctor's appointment - great! Using tech for healthcare can speed up so many interactions & some changes are here to stay. But who is excluded when options are digital-first? What can we do to ensure the health of the most vulnerable in society is improved and not hindered by our rush to web-first tech?

    Sareh Heidari (she/her) @sareh88 on twitter

    Their origin story: Enjoying solving puzzles led to studying maths; then detoured into nanotechnology in academia. I missed the human element, so trained as a web developer, to use tech for good. #WebAccessibility all the way!

  13. Day Disco

    Welcome to your obligatory ffconf browser disco! This talk will cover the current state of media APIs and what's coming next.

    Ruth John (she/her) @rumyra on twitter

    Their origin story: Twenty years ago I finished my degree and promised myself I wouldn't pursue a job in programming after a disastrous unit in Java... Then someone offered me a PHP job and I was also pretty bad at that, but quite ok at HTML, CSS & JS it turned out. Never say never, but ask me again in twenty years.

  14. Closing remarks
  15. After Party

    OhSo Social (map)

    Order some food (until 9PM), join in our board games and enjoy a drink on us (wide range of non-alcoholic and hot drinks also available).

    OhSo Social is situated right on the seafront, look out for the green doughnut!



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Al Campo


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